Archive of Doctoral Exams: Topology

All of the exams are in pdf format. The exams cover algebraic and geometric topology unless a contrary indication is given. Those are the two subjects covered in the Topology exam for students entering in the Fall of 2009 or later. (During some earlier periods general topology was an allowed subject.) The syllabus for the exam is available here.

June 2018
January 2018
August 2017
June 2017
January 2017
January 2016
August 2015
June 2015
January 2014
August 2013
May/June 2013
January 2012
August 2011
August 2009
January 2009 (general and geometric topology)
August 2008 (general and geometric topology)
August 2007
January 2007
August 2003
January 2003
August 2002
August 2001
August 2000
January 2000

Some of the exams administered in 1999 and earlier are available here.