October 10, 2017



The twelfth of the new series of contests, and the third annual Math Day, was held on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 in the Student Union on the Stillwater campus of OSU.  Approximately 215 students participated from the following schools in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas: Adair, Altus, Augusta, Calvin, Canadian Valley Tech, Canute, Colcord, Covenant Community School, Deer Creek - Lamont, Haskell, Hirschi, Lomega, Marlow, Mooreland, Norman, OSSM - OKC, Quapaw, Sallisaw, Southern Tech, St. Mark's, Stillwater, Union, Vici, and Webster.


The Math Day is held annually in the fall. The day is in two parts. The first part is an individual contest consisting of approximately 25 multiple choice questions. The second part consists of breakout sessions including public talks by OSU faculty, a low-intensity team round, and activities run by the OSU math club.

Next year's contest will be held in early October.



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The 2017 Contest:  Individual Round  Team Round

Solutions to the 2016 Contest:  Individual Round  Team round



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