The goal of this session is to bring together researchers with interests in combinatorial Lie theory. Lie theory provides a common language, and collection of combinatorial and geometric tools, with which to study many seemingly different areas of mathematical research: representation theory, algebraic combinatorics, and algebraic geometry

Session organizers:

  • Erik Insko (Florida Gulf Coast University)

  • Martha Precup (University of Washington in St. Louis)

  • Edward Richmond (Oklahoma State University)

  • Important information:

  • Information on registration, lodging and travel can be found here.

  • Conference webpage and program.

  • Confirmed speakers:

  • Mark Colarusso (University of South Alabama)

  • Elizabeth Drellich (Haverford College)

  • Sam Evens (University of Notre Dame)

  • Bill Graham (University of Georgia)

  • Patricia Hersh (North Carolina State University)

  • Reuven Hodges (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

  • Scott Larson (Oklahoma State University)

  • Cristian Lenart (SUNY Albany)

  • Tiansi Li (University of Washington in St. Louis)

  • Sarah Mason (Wake Forest University)

  • Monty McGovern (University of Washington)

  • Kevin Meek (University of Idaho)

  • Leonardo Mihalcea (Virgina Tech)

  • Dan Orr (Virginia Tech)

  • Eric Sommers (University of Massachusetts)

  • Harry Tamvakis (University of Maryland)

  • Vasu Tewari (University of Pennsylvania)

  • Julianna Tymoczko (Smith College)

  • Bruce Westbury (University of Texas, Dallas)

  • Schedule and presentation slides:

    Building/Room: Little Hall, Room 217
    Saturday morning (November 2):
    8:30-8:50: Harry Tamvakis - Amenable signed permutations
    9:00-9:20: Leonardo Mihalcea - From Bott-Samelson to KL polynomials via motivic Chern classes
    9:30-9:50: Julianna Tymoczko - (n,n)-Springer fibers and their decompositions (board talk)
    10:00-10:20: Bruce Westbury - Exceptional group G_2 and set partitions
    10:30-10:50: Kevin Meek - Multiplicities of Schubert varieites
    Saturday afternoon (November 2):
    3:00-3:20: Sam Evens - B_n orbits on the flag variety (part I)
    3:30-3:50: Mark Colarusso - B_n orbits on the flag variety (part II)
    4:00-4:20: Scott Larson - Resolutions of singularities of K-orbit closures
    4:30-4:50: Bill Graham - Equiv K-theory and tangent spaces of Schubert vareities
    5:00-5:20: Monty McGovern - Closures of O_n orbits in flag varities
    5:30-5:50: Reuven Hodges - Spherical and toroidal Schubert varieties

    Sunday morning (November 3):
    8:30-8:50: Tiansi Li - CL-Shellable posets with no EL-shellings
    9:00-9:20: Patricia Hersh - Fibers of maps to totally nonnegative spaces
    9:30-9:50: Eric Sommers - A new method for computing KL-polynomials
    10:00-10:20: Dan Orr - On cyclic quiver paraobolic Kostka-Shoji polynomials
    10:30-10:50: Cristian Lenart - Atomic decomposition of characters and crystals
    Sunday afternoon (November 3):
    2:00-2:20: Elizabeth Drellich
    2:30-2:50: Vasu Tewari - Divided symmetrization, quasi-symetric fucntions and Schubert polynomials
    3:00-3:20: Sara Mason - A generating function for left keys and its associated representation theory