Sean Curry

Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University


Office:   MSCS 506

Office hours:   T 3:00-4:00PM, W 12:30-1:30PM.

Teaching: In Fall 2021 I am teaching Math 2153, Calculus II, and Math 5413, Differential Geometry.

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Research: My research is in differential geometry and complex analysis in higher dimensions, particularly in conformal and CR geometry,
motivated by recent developments and applications in mathematical physics.

Papers and Preprints:

  • Obstruction flat rigidity of the CR 3-sphere, with P. Ebenfelt
    J. Reine Angew. Math. (Crelle's Journal) 781 (2021), 105–126.  [pdf][doi]

  • Deformations and embeddings of three-dimensional strictly pseudoconvex CR manifolds, with P. Ebenfelt
    Submitted.  [pdf][arXiv]

  • Bounded strictly pseudoconvex domains in C2 with obstruction flat boundary II, with P. Ebenfelt
    Advances in Mathematics, 352 (2019), 611–631.  [pdf][doi]

  • Bounded strictly pseudoconvex domains in C2 with obstruction flat boundary, with P. Ebenfelt
    American Journal of Mathematics, 143(1):265–306, 2021.  [pdf] [doi]

  • On the Lichnerowicz conjecture for CR manifolds with mixed signature, with J. S. Case & V. S. Matveev
    C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Paris, 356(5):532-537, 2018.  [pdf][doi]

  • Symplectic stability on manifolds with cylindrical ends, with Á. Pelayo & X. Tang
    Journal of Geometric Analysis, 2018.  [pdf][doi]

  • CR embedded submanifolds of CR manifolds, with A. R. Gover
    Mem. Amer. Math. Soc. 258 (2019), no. 1241, v+81 pp.  [pdf][doi]

  • An introduction to conformal geometry and tractor calculus, with a view to applications in general relativity, with A. R. Gover
    in Asymptotic Analysis in General Relativity, 86-170, London Math. Soc. Lecture Note Ser., 443, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2018.   [pdf][book]

Analysis Seminar: I am organizing the departmental Analysis Seminar. The Fall 2021 schedule can be found here.

Conference Co-organization

  • AMS Special Session on New Problems in Several Complex Variables, at the JMM 2022

  • Southern California Analysis & PDE Conference, SCAPDE 2018

  • Annual North American conference on Poisson geometry, Gone Fishing 2018

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