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   MATH 4553, Spring 2009    Linear and Nonlinear Programming

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Unless otherwise specified, the homework problems can either be solved by hand or by using Mathematica/Matlab. If you choose to use Mathematica/Matlab, please print out your program and attach it with the homework problem.
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To get help in Mathematica, you can type ?? or ??<topic>, and then click shift + enter. For example, try ?? Expand and ?? //
SubjectMathematica .nbPDF
portfolio management problem portfoliomanagement.nb portfoliomanagement.pdf
graphical optimization graphicaloptimization.nb graphicaloptimization.pdf
matrices and vectors vectorsandmatrices.nb vectorsandmatrices.pdf
quadratic forms quadraticforms.nb quadraticforms.pdf
tayler series taylorseries.nb taylorseries.pdf
the Newton's method newtonsmethod.nb newtonsmethod.pdf
the KKT conditions KKTconditions.nb KKTconditions.pdf
set descent direction and step length   
the line search technique linesearch.nb linesearch.pdf
unconstrained minimization techniques unconstrained.nb unconstrained.pdf
Reduced Row Echelon form rowechelonform.nb rowechelonform.pdf
Shortest route problem shortestroute.nb shortestroute.pdf
Saddle point pic1, pic2    
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