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Education Background

Academic Appointments

Honors and Awards

Research Grants

  • NSF Grant DMS-2110833  $212,822   (PI)  2021-2024
  • Simons Collaboration Grants for Mathematicians  $42,000   (PI)  2021-2026 (This grant is declined by PI due to the receipt of an NSF grant)
  • OSU Arts and Sciences Research Grant   $9,889   (PI)   2021-2022
  • NSF Grant DMS-2005272 (transferred from DMS-1720425)   $125,042 (PI)  2017-2021
  • MSU Strategic Research Initiative Grant   $5,000  (PI)  2019
  • SEC Faculty Travel Grant   $1,428  (PI)  2017-2018
  • AMS-Simons Travel Grant   $4,000  (PI)  2015-2017

Editorial Activities

Graduate Students Advising

Ph.D. Students

  1. Derrick Jones, 2017-2021. First Job after Graduation: Senior Professional Staff at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab.
  2. Mohammad Rubayet Rahman, 2021-present.

Master Students

  1. Yuan Chen, 2019-2021. First Job after Graduation: Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University.
  2. Hoang Nam Tran, 2021-present.

Professional Service

Conference/Workshop Organized

Mini-Symposia/Special Sessions Organized

Seminars Series Organized

  • Numerical Analysis Seminar Series,
    Department of Mathematics, Oklahoma State University
    Fall 2019-Spring 2020, co-organized with JaEun Ku
  • Computational and Applied Mathematics Seminar Series,
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Mississippi State University
    Fall 2016-Spring 2019.
  • eXented Finite Element Method (XFEM) Seminar Series,
    Department of Mathematics, Purdue University
    Spring 2015.