Math 62836010 - Several Complex Variables

Lecture: MWF 11:30–12:20 in Classroom Building 317

Lecturer: Jiří Lebl
Office: MSCS 505
Office hours: M 4:00–4:50pm, my office,
W 2:30–3:20pm, MLSC main room (5th floor of library),
F 2:30–3:20pm, my office,
and by appointment at other times.
Email: lebl at okstate dot edu

Problem session: Wednesday 3:30-4:20, room 519B


The textbook is my set of notes from last few times teaching the class, which is conveniently formatted as to pretend being a book. In fact, you can even get it in book form.

Tasty Bits of Several Complex Variables

Website for the book (

Book as PDF (

If you want, you can also checkout the updated work-in-progress draft PDF for the next version. Be careful though, some exercises have changed numbers and some new sections are unfinished. I'll try to update this PDF as the semester goes through, though using the "published" non-draft one should be fine for vast majority of the time.

Grading policy:

Grade is "for participation", so A means "participated". Homework will be assigned and we will go over it in the problem session together. There will be no exams.


The homework is essentially whatever exercises are in the notes up to where we get to in the lecture a day or two before the homework session. Since the homework is not collected or graded, we don't have to be too specific. Just look at the problems, and try to work through as many as you have time for. Even if you don't go through anything for a particular week, look through the problems and we will try to go through the solutions in the homework session.

Useful Books for Further Reference:

  1. Albert Boggess, CR manifolds and the tangential Cauchy-Riemann complex, CRC Press, 1991, MR1211412.
  2. John P. D'Angelo, Several complex variables and the geometry of real hypersurfaces, CRC Press, 1993, MR1224231.
  3. Robert C. Gunning and Hugo Rossi, Analytic functions of several complex variables, Prentice-Hall Inc., 1965, MR0180696.
  4. Lars Hörmander, An introduction to complex analysis in several variables, North-Holland Publishing Co., 1990, MR1045639.
  5. Steven G. Krantz, Function theory of several complex variables, Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Advanced Books & Software, 1992, MR1162310.
  6. R. Michael Range, Holomorphic functions and Integral Representations in Several Complex Variables, Springer-Verlag, 1986, MR0847923.
  7. Walter Rudin, Function theory in the unit ball of Cn, Springer-Verlag, 1980, MR0601594.
  8. Hassler Whitney, Complex analytic varieties, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1972, MR0387634.

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