The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition began in 1938 in honor of William Lowell Putnam, who profoundly believed in the value of team competition in regular college studies. Designated to stimulate a healthy rivalry in math studies between college and universities in the United States and Canada, the contest is administered by the MAA to full-time undergraduate students who have not yet received a college degree. The five highest ranking individuals in the Putnam Math Contest are designated "Putnam Fellows" by the MAA. Here at OSU, we are proud to have worked closely with three Putnam Fellows: Robert W. Gibson (1938), former OSU Math faculty member; Abraham Hillman (1939), former author of the Annual OSU High School Math Contest; and current Math faculty member, David Wright (1976).

The competition is open only to regularly enrolled undergraduates in colleges and universities of the United States and Canada who have not yet received a college degree. No individual may participate in the competition more than four times. A college or university with at least three registered entrants obtains a team rank through the positions achieved by three designated individual contestants. Old problems, solutions, and results are available online.

Oklahoma State's high scorers on the Putnam Exam since 1985 (where the year denotes the year in which the exam was taken): 
2016 Sam Jackson
Gregory Beauregard
Samuel Jackson
Mitchell Meyer
Joshua Whitman
2014 Mark Denker
2013 Dateng Li
2012 R. Maxwell Jeter
2011 Mark Nelson
2010 Markus Vasquez
2009 Markus Vasquez
2008 Carlos Bernal
2007 Brandon Tomson
2006 Michael Kelly
2005 Liangkun Li
2004 Jason Horn
2003 Ryan Scott
2002 Jason Horn
2001 Jason Horn
2000 Brian Fisher
1999 Brent Schartung
1998 Kyle Wichert
1997 Jerry Moore, Jr.
1996 Jeffrey Whitworth
1995 Kelly Wichert
1994 Eric Towers
1993 Eric Towers
1992 Michael Oberle
Michael Oberle
Michael Oehrtman
1990 Jennifer Williams
1989 Michael Oehrtman
1988 Kent Swearingen
1987 L. Craig Cox
John Garnett
Christine Miller
David Patocka
1985 David Patocka

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