Dr. John Jobe received his Ph.D. from the OSU Department of Mathematics in 1966 and began his career and outstanding service to the department that year, working at OSU until his retirement in 1994. A very dedicated professional, Dr. Jobe served as Math Graduate Program Director from 1982 to 1987 and chaired the OSU Faculty Council in 1979-1980.
Mrs. Caryl Jobe, an educator of outstanding energy and commitment, has been credited by many former students as the teacher most responsible for their success. Mrs. Jobe was recognized for her teaching excellence locally and statewide, and she received the prestigious Presidential Distinguished Teacher award in 1991.

The Jobe Fellowship is awarded to an outstanding mathematics student to help fund his/her first year of graduate study in mathematics at OSU. The Fellowship helps the department offer competitive packages to prospective math graduate students, assisting in recruiting top applicants in all areas of mathematics and mathematics education. Jobe Fellowship awardees have gone on to successful careers in both academia and industry.

Award Winners: 
Isaiah DeHoyos
Nikole Heon
Adam Cartisano
Farzana Hafeez
April Richardson
William Davis                 
Trevor Fancher
Zachery Ayers
Andreas Giannopolous
Scott Hader
Nafiseh Jahanbakht
Jonathan McCormick
Chase Meadors
Courtney Simmons
Eric Towers
Rosaura Uscanga
Nina Williams
Mingming Zhang
Hailey Bodiford
Phillip Doehle
Rachael Wood
Rosaura Uscanga
Aaron Yeager
Heather Ranney
Zachary Sorenson
Mykhailo Bilogliadov
Nicole Gaswick
Oleksandr Tovstolis
Scott Larson
Marcus Mace
2009 Krystin Steelman
2008 Heather Stauffer
2006 Kenneth Ward
2005 Ashley Bennett
Jennifer Richardson
Matthew Thiessen
Jennifer Bower
Timothy Pierce
2002 Kyle Wichert
2000 Charles Ratliff
1997 Teodora Donevska

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