The Jeanne Agnew Award is given Annually to a teaching assistant in the Mathematics Department in recognition of superior teaching. The Mathematics Department is pleased to have a number of high quality teachers serving as teaching assistants. Although this award recognizes only one individual each year, it is meant to honor all those who have served the Mathematics department well with high quality teaching.

Award Winners: 
2020 Rosaura Uscanga
2019 Nicki Boardman
2018 Ali Pirhadi
2017 Rachael Wood
2016 Steven Edalgo
2015 Ashwini Bhat
2014 Matthew Wilson
2013 Ashley Taylor
2012 Guillermo Alesandroni
2011 Benjamin Wescoatt
2010 Toshihisa Kubo
2009 Dhanapati Adhikari
2008 Naomi Tanabe
2007 Barbara Boyd
2006 Netra Khanal
2005 Melissa Mills
2004 Brian Fisher
2003 David Miller
2002 John Dollarhide
2001 Dan Sisk
2000 Simei Tong         
1999 Aleksandr Brener
1998 Andrew Perry
1997 Desiree McCullough
1996 Tanya O’Keefe 
1995 Joanne Eary
1994 Jon Beal
1993 Jodie Novak
1992 Kerry Johnson
1991 Crystal Clough
1990 Martha Waggoner
1989 Charles Matthews
1988 Gregory Force

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