This endowed fellowship fund recognizes and honors Professor Agnew. Dr. Agnew was born in Canada in 1917. She received her Bachelor of Arts in 1937 from Queen's University in Canada and she also received her Mast of Arts in Mathematics from Queen's University in 1938. She moved to Oklahoma in 1948 and was a professor in the Mathematics Department from 1953 to 1984. While she was at OSU she directed 18 doctoral dissertations, as well as publishing two textbooks. Her husband, Theodore Agnew, established the Jeanne Agnew Fellowship in her honor and to recognize and reward students for their outstanding academic records.

Award Winners: 
Adam Cartisano
Farzana Hafeez
Josiah Ireland
Mingming Zhang
Rajan Adhikari
Mishty Ray
Ayan Maiti           
Bei Xiao
Hailey Bodiford
Rosaura Uscanga
Matthew Wilson
Yuan Kong
Scott Larson
Aaron Yeager
Sophia Xie
Pengcheng Xu
Heather Ranney
Oleksandr Tovstolis
Wilhelmina Wise
Kazuo Yamazaki
2011 Kenneth Ward
Dhanapati Adhikari
Juhyung Lee
2009 Ramjee Sharma
2008 Juhyung Lee
2007 Brian Fisher
2006 Toshihisa Kubo
2005 Netra Khanal
2004 Naomi Tanabe
2003 David Kighuradze

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