Dr. E.K. McLachlan served as a professor for the Department of Mathematics at Oklahoma State University from 1958 to 1978. He served as the Director of the Mathematics Graduate Program from 1965 to 1978, in which during his tenure 46 Ph.D.'s, 79 Ed.D.'s and over 100 Master's degrees were granted. Dr. McLachlan advised his students on both professional and personal matters, and was known for having firm expectations while showing care and concern, too. He was an asset to the Department and inspired so many. The intent of this award is to reflect the academic spirit of Dr. McLachlan.

Award Winners:
2020 Nicki Boardman
2019 John Michael Clark
2018 Scott Hader
2017 S.M. Faqrudin Ali Azam
2016 Scott Larson
2015 Jianou Zhang
2014 Mykhailo Bilogliadov
2013 Guillermo Alesandroni
2012 Kedar Nepal
2011 Dipendra Regmi
2010 Xiaowei Yang
2009 Kenneth Ward
2008 Mei Xing
2007 Juhyung Lee
2005 Brian Fisher
2002 David Kighuradze
2001 Jonathan Cox
2000 Xinyun Zhu
1999 Mutaz Al-Sabbagh
1998 Stephanie Harrison
1997 Timothy Raczkowski
1996 Aleksandr Brener
Jon Beal
Artur Elezi
1994 Crystal Lorch
1993 Weiming Zheng
1992 Anthony Kable
1991 Timothy Flood
1990 David Farmer
1989 Gregory Force
1988 Steve Capehart
Bobby Winters
Paul Young
1984 Mona Cherri
1983 Shin-Min Lin
1982 Mohamed El-Gebeily
1981 Essom Abbotteem
1980 Bennette Harris

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