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Degrees and Areas of Emphasis

The Department of Mathematics offers two undergraduate degrees, the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). Both provide a solid basis in mathematics, whether you plan to enter the work force directly, or to pursue graduate studies in math or another field. The Bachelor of Science places more emphasis on the natural and mathematical sciences, while the Bachelor of Arts places more emphasis on arts and humanities. There are differences in both the mathematics and college requirements for the two degrees. See the description of the requirements on the pages linked below for each track.

You can declare a mathematics major through Arts and Sciences Student Academic Services located in LSE 213. View the mathematics degree sheets here.

There are four options in the mathematics major, each with a different emphasis:

If you are interested in going to graduate school in mathematics, it is strongly recommended that your undergraduate degree program include Advanced Calculus I (MATH 4143), Advanced Calculus II (MATH 4153), Modern Algebra I (MATH 4613), and Modern Algebra II (MATH 5013).

See also the information about math as a second major.