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Actuarial and Financial mathematics

Mathematics has traditionally served as an entry to actuarial careers, and this track preserves that tradition.  But mathematics has in recent years played a growing role in the insurance industry and other areas of banking and finance. This option combines a strong background in math with courses in finance, statistics and economics.

In this option, you can earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. The Bachelor of Science degree places more emphasis on the natural and mathematical sciences.

  • General Education Requirements: The degree requires 8 hours of Natural Science (N), all 8 of these must be physics. 
  • College/Departmental Requirements: Requirements are summarized in the table below.
Course B.S.
First Year Seminar 1
Arts and Humanities 3
Natural Sciences 9
Foreign Languages 0*
Total 13

*Foreign language proficiency is required but for the B.S. it may be satisfied by two years of (the
same) foreign language in high school.

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