This track is in preparation for teaching mathematics in high school.  The major requirements are identical to those of the mathematics option of the Secondary Education major. Students who complete the requirements for the SCED program with the mathematics option automatically complete all requirements for a second degree in mathematics.  Similarly, if you choose the mathematics teacher certification track as your first major, a second major in SCED may be available to you. You should consult with an advisor in SCED. 

Under the Secondary Teaching option, you can earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. The Bachelor of Science places more emphasis on the natural and mathematical sciences, 

  • General Education Requirements:  The degree requires 8 hours of Natural Science (N), all 8 of these be physics.
  • College/Departmental Requirements: Requirements are summarized in the table below.
Course B.S.
First Year Seminar 1
Arts and Humanities 3
Natural Sciences 9
Foreign Languages 0*
Total 13

*Foreign language proficiency is required for both degrees programs, but for the BS it may be satisfied by two years of (the
same) foreign language in high school.

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