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Preliminary Research Project

Once a doctoral student has chosen his/her doctoral advisor work on his/her preliminary research project can begin. The advisor will aid the student in identifying a suitable topic for the project. Once the topic is chosen the advisory committee should be consulted to delineate the scope and goals of the project. Next, the student may need to spend considerable time to understand the background and motivation for the project. This is to be carried out via a three-credit-hour reading course, MATH 6010, under the direction of the advisor. As the student’s understanding of the project develops, so should his/her independent efforts towards the research goals. At this stage, the student should be enrolled in three hours of Math 6090: Doctoral Research Project. Once the research goals have been achieved, the student should prepare a formal written report in the style of an academic journal article. Finally, the student should make a seminar-like presentation about the research project. The Preliminary Research Project requirement is satisfied once the student’s advisory committee has formally approved both the written report and the oral presentation.