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Ignancy Kotlarski Scholarship

Award Winners: 
2014 Kazuo Yamazaki
2000 Tao Li
1996 Stephanie Harrison

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Schiller J. Scroggs Fellowship

Schiller J. Scroggs entered Oklahoma A&M college in 1945, where his father served as Dean of Arts and Sciences, after he graduated from Stillwater High School. He earned his Bachelor of Science from the university in 1949 and his Master of Science in 1950. The Fourjay Foundations established this award in his memory after he passed away in 1993. The recipient of this award is a student who displays academic leadership and outstanding leadership ability.

Award Winners: 
Ali Pirhadi
Adam Estrup
Nina Williams
Scott Larson
Pan Yan
Oleksandr Tovstolis
Eric Towers
Guillermo Alesadroni
Lizhi Chen
Dipendra Regmi
Wilhelmina Wise
2011 Naomi Tanabe
2010 Melissa Mills
2009 Toshihisa Kubo
2008 David Kighuradze
2007 Dhanapati Adhikari
2006 Juhyung Lee
2005 Zhenyi Liu
2004 Jennifer Bower Pierce
2003 Timothy Pierce
Brian Fisher
Charles Ratliff
2001 Thomas Faulkenberry
2000 David Kouts
1999 S. Cristina Oancea
1998 Ellen Eileen Durand
1997 Jon Beal              
1996 Artur Elezi          

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O.H. Hamilton Endowed Fellowship

The O.H. Hamilton Fellowship is named for Dr. Olan H. Hamilton, a brilliant and inspirational professor. Dr. Hamilton, a renowned research topologist, taught in the Department of Mathematics from 1938 to 1976. We thank him for his contributions to Mathematics and for all he did as an educator for OSU's Department of Mathematics.

Award Winners: 
2018 Rosaura Uscanga
Adam Estrup
Yuan Kong
Chase Meadors
Austin Warner
Alekzander Malcom
Eric Towers
Guillermo Alesandroni
Adam Estrup
Oleksandr Tovstolis
Bin Xie
Pengcheng Xu
Jianou Zhang
Guillermo Alesandroni
Sophia Xie
Pengcheng Xu
2013 Oleksandr Tovstolis
2012 Daniel Donohue
2011 Pengcheng Xu
2010 Lizhi Chen
2009 Xiaowei Yang
2008 Bo-Hyun Kwon
2007 Toshihisa Kubo
2006 Zhenyi Liu
Juhyung Lee
Timothy Pierce
2003 Brian Fisher
2002 Thomas Faulkenberry
David Kighuradze
Liang Xu
2000 Tao Li
1999 Jonathan Cox
1998 Mitchell Ritchling
1997 Christopher Cox
1996 Timothy Raczskowski
Stephanie Harrison
Chia Sien Lim
Timothy Raczkowski
1994 Dana Brunson
1993 Roger Dillman
Jon Beal
1991 Tanya Champagne
1990 John Lorch
1989 Gary Don Thacker
1988 Jodie Novak
1987 Cynthia Clements
1986 Charles Matthews
Michael McClurkan
Robert Winters
Paul Young
1983 Carlos Caballero
1982 Man Wai Lee
1980 Ana Montes

John and Caryl Jobe Mathematics Graduate Student Fellowship

Dr. John Jobe received his Ph.D. from the OSU Math Department in 1966 and began his career and outstanding service to the department until his retirement in 1994. A very dedicated professional, Dr. Jobe served as the Math Graduate Program Director from 1982-1987 and Chair of the OSU Faculty Council from 1979-1980. He was also very active in the MAA, having served as Governor for the Oklahoma-Arkansas section from 1975-1978 and Secretary-Treasurer from 1978-1991. Dr. Jobe was known both on and off-campus for his energy and commitment to students, having directed numerous Master's and Doctoral students in their thesis work.

Mrs. Caryl Jobe, an educator of equal energy and commitment, has been credited by former students as the teacher who was most responsible for their success. Mrs. Jobe was recognized for her teaching excellence both locally and from the state, including receiving the prestigious Presidential Distinguished Teacher award in 1991. Mrs. Jobe retired from teaching 5th grade at Westwood Elementary School in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1993; both she and Dr. Jobe continue to display their dedication to teaching and academic scholarship through their educational outreach efforts.

The Jobe Fellowship is awarded to an outstanding mathematics student to help fund his/her first year of graduate study in mathematics at OSU. The Fellowship helps the department offer competitive packages to prospective math graduate students, assisting in recruiting top applicants in all areas of mathematics and mathematics education. Jobe Fellowship awardees have gone on to successful careers in both academia and industry.

Award Winners: 
2017 William Davis                     Trevor Fancher
Zachery Ayers
Andreas Giannopolous
Scott Hader
Nafiseh Jahanbakht
Jonathan McCormick
Chase Meadors
Courtney Simmons
Eric Towers
Rosaura Uscanga
Nina Williams
Mingming Zhang
Hailey Bodiford
Phillip Doehle
Rachael Wood
Rosaura Uscanga
Aaron Yeager
Heather Ranney
Zachary Sorenson
Mykhailo Bilogliadov
Nicole Gaswick
Oleksandr Tovstolis
Scott Larson
Marcus Mace
2009 Krystin Steelman
2008 Heather Stauffer
2006 Kenneth Ward
2005 Ashley Bennett
Jennifer Richardson
Matthew Thiessen
Jennifer Bower
Timothy Pierce
2002 Kyle Wichert
2000 Charles Ratliff
1997 Teodora Donevska

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