Math 522 - Analysis II

Main lecture: MWF, 11:00am - 11:50am, Van Vleck B313


See the homework page.


Main textbook will be

Walter Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis (third edition)

We will start with some preliminaries and chapter 7 and then soldier on from there.

If you are willing to wait a little to pay a lot less for it, get it used. You can also simply search for "rudin principles" on about any book website. For example:

In 521 I covered just about everything in Basic Analysis by Yours Truly. So if chapters 1-6 in Rudin seem too hard, you might want to look there.

Also useful are (both cheap Dover paperbacks):
Maxwell Rosenlicht, Introduction to Analysis
Gelbaum and Olmsted, Counterexamples in Analysis

Lecture notes:

Disclaimer: Very informal and updated frequently. There may be mistakes and many many typos, some might be fixed after a lecture, some after a few lectures, some never. This is just what I use to lecture from. I might not type up everything and there are sometimes just shortcuts for me, so I won't type up everything. I might sometimes just use handwritten notes so then I won't post those. These will also not be very far ahead of where we are in lecture, and I might forget to post them in a timely way.

First set of lecture notes chapter 7 in Rudin.

Second set of lecture notes chapter 8 in Rudin.

Third set of lecture notes chapter 11 in Rudin.

Fourth set of lecture notes chapter 9 in Rudin.

Relevant errata from Rudin

See this page over here for a list of errata and comments, plus some links to other such pages on the web.


Jiří Lebl
Office: 711 Van Vleck
Office hours: MW 2-3pm + by appointment
Office phone: (608) 626-3298
Email: lebl at math dot wisc dot edu


Grades will be based on the percentages below. Curve will be applied if needed.

Exam 1: Wed March 14 (5:30pm-7:00pm, room VV B139), 35% of your grade.

Exam 2: Fri May 11 (5:30pm-7:00pm, room VV B139), 35% of your grade.

Final Project, 5% of your grade. See the homework page. It is due on the day of the scheduled final, Fri, May 18th (or anytime earlier). I'll be in the finals room on Friday the 18th 10:05am, in B215, and we can discuss. Of course I'll probably not be there for the whole two hours, so make sure to show up on time if you want to hand the project in then, if you hand it in earlier somehow, then you do not need to show up if you don't want to.

Homework: Assigned weekly (some weeks may be skipped). Worth 25%, possibly spot checked (spot checked means: some spot(s) of each homework checked, and all will be collected). Lowest 2 homework grades dropped (so no late homeworks).

Test Policies: No books, calculators or computers allowed on the exams (calculator wouldn't help you anyway).

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