Math 20B - Calculus

Main lecture A00: MWF 12:00noon - 12:50pm, Ledden Auditorium


We'll use the WebCT ( system where you can check grades.

Study guides / exam solutions:

Exam 1 study guide

Solutions to exam 1: version 1, version 2

Exam 2 study guide and Some worked out problems for exam2 (yuan may go over some of these Monday in review)

Solutions to exam 2: version 1, version 2

Final exam study guide (also use the above two guides)


See the homework page. (Updated May 5th homework 6 and onwards are affected)


Jon Rogawski, Calculus, Early Transcendentals, first edition.

UCSD student 20B supplement will be used in addition to the textbook.


Jiří Lebl
Office: 7151 AP&M
Office hours: MF 1-2pm, W 3-4pm
Office phone: (858) 534-2644 (Don't leave a message)


Andre Harmse, Office hours, Tu 2-3pm, W 9-11am AP&M 6331, Email:

Johanna Hennig, Office hours: F 11-noon, in AP&M B402A (calc lab), and Th 5-6 in AP&M 6414. Email:


Grades will be based on the percentages below. Curve will be applied if needed. The grading scale without a curve is the standard 90-80-70-60, those grades you are guaranteed (i.e., 90 and above guarantees an A), but the curve may improve your grade.

Exam 1: Wednesday, April 27th, 20% of your grade.

Exam 2: Wednesday, May 25th, 20% of your grade. (Only over material since exam 1)

Final Exam: Wednesday, June 8, 11:30am - 2:29pm, 40% (or 60%, see below) of your grade. (Comprehensive)

Homework: Assigned weekly (some weeks may be skipped). Worth 20%, possibly spot checked (spot checked means: some spot(s) of each homework checked, and all will be collected). Lowest 2 homework grades dropped.

How the grade is computed: Your grade will be the maximum of
20% (Exam 1 score) + 20% (Exam 2 score) + 40% (Final exam score) + 20% (Homework score)
20% (Exam 1 score) + 60% (Final exam score) + 20% (Homework score)
20% (Exam 2 score) + 60% (Final exam score) + 20% (Homework score)

Test Policies: No books, calculators or computers allowed on the exams or the final. One page of handwritten notes allowed on the exam. No makeup exams; see above.

Interesting links:

Wolfram Alpha. Google for math. It solves integrals and equations, plots functions, etc... Good for checking your work.

Interesting lecture, the development of biofuels from lignocelluosic biomass ... Lecture 4 in the same lecture series

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