Geometry: Basic Ideas


Links are given here to presentations developed by students at Oklahoma State University as projects for the course MATH 3403 -- Geometric Structures. Students were asked to develop a presentation which expresses the way in which they make sense of the topic. Topics chosen are among those which students often find confusing or difficult.

We hope you enjoy browsing through these presentations. These presentations are intended to be a benefit for future students as they, in their turn, also struggle to make sense of these ideas from geometry.

Most of the students developing these presentations intend to be elementary school teachers. For this reason down-to-earth, direct explanations are preferred. If a fourth grader will understand the presentation, then many college students might understand as well.


Parts of a Triangle: Concave or Convex: More General or Special Case: Definitions and Properties: Diagonals of Quadrilaterals: Constructions:

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