Math 240 Spring 2012 Final Exam Study Guide

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Policies: No books, calculators or computers allowed on the exam. One page (one sided) of handwritten notes allowed on the exams.

Exam questions are similar to homework questions, but doable in shorter amount of time. Best way to study is to do the homework and then do as many other problems in the covered sections as possible.

Material covered:

Essentially everything I did in class. If I did something in class that is different from the book, it may be covered on the exam. The rub of that is of course that if I didn't cover something in class, it will not be on the exam even if it is in one of the sections listed.

Everything from study guide 1 and study guide 2.

Chapter 8: Advance Counting Techniques
  8.1 Recurrence Relations
  8.2 Solving Recurrence Relationsr
  8.3 Divide and Conquer

Chapter 9: Relations
  9.1 Relations and their Properties
  9.3 Representing Relations
  9.4 Closures of Relations
  9.5 Equivalence Relations
  9.6 Partial Orders

Chapter 10: Graphs
  10.1 Introduction to Graphs
  10.2 Graph Terminology (but not bipartite graphs)
  Also graph colorings, and Euler paths

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