Math 240 Spring 2012 Exam 1 Study Guide

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Policies: No books, calculators or computers allowed on the exam. One page (one sided) of handwritten notes allowed on the exams.

Exam questions are similar to homework questions, but doable in shorter amount of time. Best way to study is to do the homework and then do as many other problems in the covered sections as possible.

Material covered:

Chapter 1:
  1.1 Propositional Logic
  1.2 Applications of Propositional Logic
  1.3 Propositional Equivalences
  1.4 Predicates and Quantifiers
  1.5 Nested Quantifiers
  1.6 Rules of Inference
  1.7 Introduction to Proofs
  1.8 Proof Methods and Strategy

Chapter 2:
  2.1 Sets
  2.2 Set Operations
  2.3 Functions
  2.4 Sequences and Summations

Chapter 3:
  3.1 Algorithms
  3.2 The Growth of Functions
  3.3 Complexity of Algorithms

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