Math 521 - Analysis I

Main lecture: MWF, 8:50am - 9:40am, Van Vleck B135


See the homework page.


Main textbook will be Basic Analysis by Yours Truly. I will be following these very closely. It is a free download or you can get a cheap paperback version by mail if you want.

Look at the draft of a metric space chapter. This is the version as of December 5th.

You should also get:

Walter Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis (third edition)

This book will be indispensible extra reading, and includes lots of extra exercises to try. If you are willing to wait a little to pay a lot less for it, get it used. You can also simply search for "rudin principles" on about any website. For example:

Also useful are (both cheap Dover paperbacks):
Maxwell Rosenlicht, Introduction to Analysis
Gelbaum and Olmsted, Counterexamples in Analysis


Jiří Lebl
Office: 711 Van Vleck
Office hours: MWF 11am-noon + by appointment
Office phone: (608) 626-3298
Email: lebl at math dot wisc dot edu


Grades will be based on the percentages below. Curve will be applied if needed.

Exam 1: Wed, October 5, 20% of your grade.

Exam 2: Wed, November 16, 20% of your grade.

Final Exam: Friday, Dec 23, 10:05am - 12:05pm, 40% of your grade. (Comprehensive but heavily focused on material after exam 2). And yes, I am just as excited about the date as you are. Room: SOC SCI 6102

Homework: Assigned weekly (some weeks may be skipped). Worth 20%, possibly spot checked (spot checked means: some spot(s) of each homework checked, and all will be collected). Lowest 2 homework grades dropped (so no late homeworks).

Test Policies: No books, calculators or computers allowed on the exams or the final (calculator wouldn't help you anyway).

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