Math 4013 - Calculus of Several Variables

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Exam 2 solutions

Exam 3 solutions

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Lecture: MWF 11:30AM - 12:20PM, Stout Hall 044


Jerrold E. Mardsen, Anthony Tromba, Vector Calculus, Sixth Edition, 2011, W. H. Freeman and Company


Jiří Lebl
Office: 505 MSCS
Office hours: Monday 2-3pm (office), Wednesday 2-3pm (MLSC main room), Friday 3-3:50pm (office), or by appointment at other times
Office phone: (405) 744-7750
Email: lebl at okstate dot edu

What's the Course About:

Differential and integral calculus in several variables and vector analysis. We will build up to the Classical theorems of vector calculus: Green's and Stokes,

Prerequisites: Math 2163 (Calculus III) and 3013 (Linear Algebra)


Grade distribution is as follows:

54% - 3 exams.

31% - Final exam.

15% - Homework (two lowest dropped).

As usual, 90% and above guarantees an A, 80% and above a B, 70% a C, and 60% and above a D. Curve will be applied if needed, and so those cutoff percentages could move downwards, but only if it is deemed necessary.


Exam 1: Friday, September 19th (in class) (Median: 124, Mean: 128.8, Min: 77, Max: 195)

Exam 2: Monday, October 20th (in class) (Median: 168, Mean: 167.4, Min: 103, Max: 200)

Exam 3: Friday, November 21st (in class) (Median: 141.5, Mean: 138.4, Min: 90, Max: 190)

Final exam: (as per university schedule) Friday, December 12th, 10:00am-11:50am, same room as class.

No calculators are allowed on the exams. Trust me, you will not need them, and from experience in this sort of class, they just slow you down. Feel free to use them when studying and working on homework of course.

Missed Work:

No makeup or late homework (two lowest are dropped anyhow), but feel free to turn homework in early if you you cannot for whatever reason turn it in on time. For exams, there will be reasonable accommodation if you have a valid and documented reason, and the documentation is provided in advance unless absolutely impossible. If you have a university approved (see the syllabus attachment) final conflict exam, you must tell me no later than Friday, November 21st, so that we can figure out what to do.


Written homework will be announced on D2L.

The homework will be collected, partly graded for completion (that you've attempted the problems), and I will pick one or more problems randomly from each one to grade in detail.


Chapter 1 is assumed you have seen, so we will go VERY quickly. Then we will cover essentially the entire book with a few exceptions (the optional sections).

Syllabus attachment:

See the official syllabus attachment, for some more information.

Interesting links:

Wolfram Alpha ( It's like Google for math.

Speaking of Google: try typing something like x^2-y^2.

Although no, Google will not likely solve your homework problems for you. Even if it did, it would not be a good idea. The reason for doing the homework is to learn how to do it. If you simply try to find solutions online, and did manage to find them, you will not learn anything and you will see the result of this on the exams.

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