Math 20C - Calculus & Analytic Geometry For Science & Engineering

Main lecture A00: MWF 8:00am - 8:50am, Solis Hall 107
Sections A01-A04: WLH 2114, Tuesday (2,3,4,5pm), TA: Alex Brik
Sections A05-A08: WLH 2114, Tuesday (6,7,8,9pm), TA: Daniel Minsky

Online class discussion:

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See the homework page

Study guides / Exam solutions:

Study guide for exam 1

Study guide for exam 2

Study guide for final (the final is comprihensive so see also the above two study guides)


Jon Rogawski, Multivariable Calculus, W. H. Freeman and Company 2008

Follow the link above for more study material. The book is chapters 10-17 from Rogawski's Calculus Early Transcendentals.


Jiří Lebl
Office: 7151 AP&M
Office hours: MW 1:00pm-2:30pm and at other times by appointment
Office phone: (858) 534-2644


A01-A04: Alex Brik
Office: 5760 AP&M
Office hours: M 1:45-3:45pm in office
Tutoring lab B402A (AP&M basement): W 2-3pm, F 1-2pm
Office phone: x41178

A05-A08: Daniel Minsky
Office: 6446 AP&M
Office hours: M 3-4 (will stay after if students show up) and Th 12-1
Tutoring lab B402A (AP&M basement): M 4-5, Th 11-12
Office phone: x44368


Grades will be based on the percentages below. Curve will be applied if needed.

Exam 1: Monday, October 25, 25% of your grade.

Exam 2: Monday, November 22, 25% of your grade.

Final Exam: Monday, December 6, 8:00am - 10:59am, 40% of your grade.

Homework: Assigned weekly (some weeks may be skipped). Worth 10%, possibly spot checked (spot checked means: some spot(s) of each homework checked, and all will be collected). Lowest homework grade dropped.

Test Policies: No books, notes, calculators or computers allowed on the exams or the final.


For the approximate syllabus, see

wxMaxima scripts:

Here are some wxMaxima scripts I used in class if you are interested.

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