Math 140A - Real Analysis

Main lecture A00: MWF 10:00am - 10:50am WLH 2112
Section A01: WLH 2208, Tuesday 6pm, TA: Ravi Shroff


We'll use the WebCT ( system where you can check grades, have discussions with classmates, see announcements, etc...


See the homework page


Main text: Maxwell Rosenlicht, Introduction to Analysis, Dover Publications, Inc.

Extra reading (free online book): Jiří Lebl, Basic Analysis: Introduction to Real Analysis. ( (Does not cover all the material we'll do, but I may lecture from time to time from this book)


Jiří Lebl
Office: 7151 AP&M
Office hours: MW 11:10-12:00 and at other times by appointment
Office phone: (858) 534-2644 (Don't leave a message)


A01: Ravi Shroff
Office: 6452 AP&M
Office hours: M 12-1, W 2-3, Tu 5-6
Office phone: x49073


Grades will be based on the percentages below. Curve will be applied if needed.

Midterm: Friday, February 11, 30% of your grade.

Final Exam: Friday, March 18, 8:00am - 10:59am, 50% of your grade. Comprehensive, though will be weighted more heavily on stuff since the midterm.

Homework: Assigned weekly (some weeks may be skipped). Worth 20%, possibly spot checked (spot checked means: some spot(s) of each homework checked, and all will be collected). Lowest homework grade dropped.

Test Policies: No books, notes, calculators or computers allowed on the exams or the final.

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