A Brief History
of Birne Binegar

I was born in Seattle, Washington on March 6, 1954. Since my father was an aerospace engineer, my family moved quite a bit as I was growing up (from Seattle, WA to Ft. Walton Beach, FL to ... to Lompoc, CA to Philadelphia, PA to ... to Los Angeles, CA). I began my college career as a Psych/Sociology Major at Temple University in Philadelphia; but I dropped out after one year to work as a steelworker at a truck trailer manufacturing plant (union wages seemed pretty good at age 19). After struggling for a year trying to get my car (a 1968 MG Midget) to run, I decided to drop in again and so enrolled as a physics major at UCLA in 1974. Eight years later I graduated from UCLA with a Ph.D. in physics, specializing in applications of representation theory to elementary particle physics (the title of my thesis was "Covariant Field Theories on Alternative Spacetimes"). I then progressed through a number of post-docs (R.I.M.S in Kyoto, Japan, back to UCLA, to University of Dijon, France, to S.I.S.S.A. in Trieste, Italy, to M.S.R.I. in Berkeley) and finally landed a tenure track position at OSU in 1988. My one-liner at the time was
At first I thought of myself as a theoretical physicist since, theoretically, I was doing physics; but now I must admit that I'm a physical mathematician because, physically, I'm in a mathematics department.
Actually my interest had slowly migrated from questions about elementary particle physics to questions about the eccentric representations of reductive Lie groups. In 1990 I married my wife (who else?), Yumi. We have two sons, Cosmo, born June 22, 1994 and Skye, born July 14, 1996.

Special Bonus MP3s

From time to time old friends of mine google me, find this web page, and then write me asking me if I still play guitar. Well, nothing serious in this direction I'm afraid, but I still **** around, and the curious can check out some recent takes transferred to mp3 format.