What is a state mathematics and science coalition?

A state science and mathematics coalition is a broad-based leadership alliance which is designed to work toward the revitalization of mathematics and science education throughout the entire state. It is a carefully constructed organization of volunteer leaders from three sectors of the population that have decision-making interests and influence with regard to science and mathematics education.
" ... leaders from all three sectors [are expected to be involved] in the governance of the coalition. This governance group is charged with the generation and approval of policies and projects [of the coalition]; it also has oversight of the public relations activities and assists in raising funds. Members of the governing board are unpaid volunteers.

"The overall task of a coalition is to encourage, coordinate, and facilitate state-level efforts to involve plans for curricular change and professional development that support national goals for improved instruction in the mathematical sciences. A coalition both advocates and acts. The principal purposes of a coalition are: [Excerpted from STATE MATHEMATICS COALITIONS: Proposals for Planning, Mathematical Sciences Education Board, June 1990.]

What is CASMEO?

CASMEO has one basic goal ... to ensure that every student in Oklahoma has the opportunity to learn math and science skills that he/she will need in today's world.

CASMEO is a nonprofit alliance of representatives from business, education, and the private sector working to support and coordinate efforts to revitalize math and science education in the state.

CASMEO's overall task is to encourage, coordinate and facilitate state-wide efforts to achieve curriculum changes and professional development in science and math education.

How Did CASMEO Begin?

The present COALITION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS EDUCATION IN OKLAHOMA (CASMEO) began as a project funded by the Exxon Education Foundation through the Mathematical Sciences Education Board in December 1990. This original funding provided for the establishment of the COALTION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MATHEMATICS EDUCATION IN OKLAHOMA (CAMEO).

Through the establishment of CAMEO - and more recently, CASMEO - state-level dialogue has been initiated among public schools, higher education, the private sector, government and the public.

The Founding Members of the CAMEO Board of Directors were: Project Directors Douglas B. Aichele and J. Brian Conrey from Oklahoma State University and Andy R. Magid and Curtis C. McKnight from the University of Oklahoma and project assistants Stanley B. Eliason (OU) and John E. Wolfe (OSU); Executive Board Members Linda Bailey (Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator, Putnam City Public Schools), Mary Kay Ball (Past President, Oklahoma PTA), Charles Dees (Chairman of the Board, Transportation Information Services, Inc.), David Guilliams (Mathematics Consultant, State Department of Education), Kay Hilton (President, Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics), Thomas E. Ikard (Senior Staff Analyst, Conoco, Inc.), Carolyn J. Thompson (Representative and Chair of House Education Committee, Oklahoma State Legislature), and Lucy Ward (President, Oklahoma PTA).

Current CASMEO Officers

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CASMEO Activities

1. Family Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science (FAMES)

WHAT is FAMES? FAMES is a parent/community project whose goal is to increase awareness within parent groups and the community of the importance of early experiences that serve as the foundation for mathematics, engineering, and science concepts. To accomplish this goal, FAMES works in partnership with community agencies to provide information and distribute resources (suggested books, websites, learning kits, etc.) for parents to use to increase mathematical and scientific experiences at home.

Who are the CASMEO FAMES Partners?
Oklahoma State Department of Education
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
Oklahoma Department of Libraries
Oklahoma Parent Teacher Association
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

What are the Major Components to FAMES?
Statewide mailout to public libraries informing them of the FAMES project, providing a copy of Helping Your Child Learn Math (U.S. Department of Education document), providing a suggested bibliography of children's books recommended by national math and science organizations and the website to access Helping Your Child Learn Science (U.S. Department of Education document). Possible similar mailout to elementary school librarians.

Training and dissemination of the mathematics and science learning kits. The learning kits have been created for use by parents, librarians, and other interested parties to provide activity suggestions (utilizing children's literature) and hands-on materials to support positive experiences between parents and children in mathematics and science.

Who is the FAMES contact person? Stacey Weinand (sweinand@osrhe.edu)

2. 1995 CAMEO Mathematics and Science Forum. October 2-3, 1995; Oklahoma City, OK.

The complete version of the Report Summary can be viewed.
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3. 1997 CASMEO Spring Forum. March 14-15, 1997; Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK.

The complete version of the Facilitators Notes can be viewed.
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