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for the Biological Sciences

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Your success in College Algebra this semester is our primary concern!

We believe if you will use the materials and follow the study suggestions outlined in the College Algebra for the Biological Sciences Learning Supplement (CABS Learning Supplement) you will be successful; we can almost guarantee it! Further, we believe these study materials and suggestions provide a sound foundation for your success in your biological sciences major and in learning mathematics in future courses.

The CABS Learning Supplement is based on the belief that all students can master College Algebra given proper prerequisites, coursework materials, support, and your commitment to try to learn. The CABS Learning Supplement has been designed and developed to provide proper coursework materials from the biological sciences to supplement the text and to provide you with guidance and support in learning College Algebra. Ultimately, however, it depends on your commitment to try to learn College Algebra. If you do not use the CABS Learning Supplement and do not do the homework and do not attend class each time it meets and do not really care to study, then no Learning Supplement, no matter how good the materials are, can help you learn and, hence, pass College Algebra.

The components of the CABS Learning Supplement are:

Good Luck!

Douglas B. Aichele
Alan V. Noell
Stanley K. Fox

Written Materials and Calculator Programs/Functions for the CABS Learning Supplement. The content of the CABS Learning Supplement written materials is listed below. Clicking on the desired topic will work. The page references for the topics in the CABS Learning Supplement book are also given in parenthesis, e.g., (SM-1), if you have access to this source.

Part 1: How to Study Math (SM-numbered pages)

How to be Successful in College Algebra (SM-1) How to Study College Algebra (SM-4) What to Study in College Algebra (SM-7) Studying for and Taking Examinations (SM-21)

Part 2: How to Use the TI-83 Graphing Calculator (GC-numbered pages)

Part 3: Applications from the Biological Sciences (A-numbered pages)

Brief Answers

Part 4: Learning Assessment Measures (LAMS) (LAM-numbered pages)

Detailed Solutions

Listings of Programs (P-1)

Credits. The College Algebra for the Biological Sciences (CABS) Learning Supplement is made possible through funding to Oklahoma State University from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It is based on work sponsored wholly, or in part, by the Howard Hughes Program for Retention of Undergraduates in the Biological Sciences at Oklahoma State University.

Copyright. 1999 by Oklahoma State University

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