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What is GeoSET?

GeoSET is an acronym for Geometric Structures for Elementary Teachers.

The GeoSET project supports the learning of geometry by kids and their teachers through the development of a college level curriculum for preservice elementary teachers and through the support of university faculty who use the GeoSET materials to teach prospective elementary teachers.

GeoSET is a 3-year project funded by the National Science Foundation and awarded to the Oklahoma State University Department of Mathematics. The primary goals of the project are: (1) to develop a commercially publishable workbook-style text and supporting materials for a discovery-style geometry course for preservice elementary teachers; (2) to support innovative professional development activities both (a) on the imaginative use of project materials as a basis for a discovery-based geometry curriculum and (b) on promoting ongoing personal growth as teachers through a "lesson study" model for professional development in connection with the course; (3) to support the establishment of the curriculum at two affiliated institutions, one local (in Oklahoma) and one regional (in Colorado); and (4) through outreach activities, to establish a teachers' support community of faculty and graduate assistants who utilize project materials to teach mathematics courses for elementary teachers.

The GeoSET Co-Principal Investigators are OSU mathematics professors John Wolfe and Douglas B. Aichele.

The GeoSET staff consists of the two co-directors, faculty associates, graduate assistants, and GeoSET partners.

GeoSET Workshops: