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Departmental Awards

The Mathematics Department presents a number of awards to students every year in recognition of their achievements. The generosity of friends of the Department has made these awards possible, and their support for the education of math students helps a new generation of teachers and researchers emerge.

Undergraduate Awards

Graduate Awards

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Introduction to the Undergraduate Programs

The Mathematics Department at Oklahoma State University offers an exciting environment for collegiate study with an award-winning, internationally renowned faculty. Small class sizes make it easy to interact with the faculty, and innovative courses such as the project-oriented Math Modeling course enhance the curriculum.

Knowing that each of you is an individual, we have structured the department to allow each student to develop to his or her fullest potential. The Department offers BA and BS degrees with choices of the general track, secondary teaching, actuarial and financial mathematics, and the applied mathematics. The flexibility of our degree programs and the breadth of our course offerings enable all our majors to find their best plan of study. The Mathematics Learning Success Center, honors projects including senior honors theses, and close interaction with the faculty enhance the classroom experience. Outside the classroom, events such as the Putnam Mathematical Competition, the Math Modeling Competition, field trips to meetings of the Mathematical Association of America, and undergraduate research experiences also stimulate interest in mathematics.