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Introduction to the Undergraduate Programs

The Mathematics Department at Oklahoma State University offers an exciting environment for collegiate study with an award-winning, internationally renowned faculty. Small class sizes make it easy to interact with the faculty, and innovative courses such as the project-oriented Math Modeling course enhance the curriculum.

Knowing that each of you is an individual, we have structured the department to allow each student to develop to his or her fullest potential. The Department offers BA and BS degrees with choices of the general track, secondary teaching, actuarial and financial mathematics, and the applied mathematics. The flexibility of our degree programs and the breadth of our course offerings enable all our majors to find their best plan of study. The Mathematics Learning Success Center, honors projects including senior honors theses, and close interaction with the faculty enhance the classroom experience. Outside the classroom, events such as the Putnam Mathematical Competition, the Math Modeling Competition, field trips to meetings of the Mathematical Association of America, and undergraduate research experiences also stimulate interest in mathematics.

About The Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department at Oklahoma State University offers degrees from the bachelor through the doctorate. There are 40 faculty in the department with research interests in several subfields of mathematics, including number theory, combinatorics, commutative algebra, Lie groups and representation theory, topology, applied mathematics, algebraic geometry, analysis and mathematics education. The faculty maintain active research programs, publish regularly, and give presentations both nationally and internationally. Many of the faculty members have obtained research grants and awards from the National Science Foundation and other sources.

Undergraduate majors can customize their studies under tracks for pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics certification for secondary education or actuarial science and financial mathematics. Currently we have over 100 students who have declared mathematics as a major. The College of Arts and Sciences has a cooperative program (OSUTeach) with the College of Education where students interested in secondary education in mathematics and science obtain the B.S. degree with teacher certification with a math or science major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students in physics and engineering often choose mathematics for a minor.  Mathematics graduates work in business, industry, government, teach or go into graduate studies.

Currently there are 47 graduate students in the department; of these over half are in the Ph.D. program. Almost all of the graduate students are supported as graduate teaching assistants. In this capacity they teach lower division classes or assist faculty. Among the graduate students there are students from China, Japan, Peru, India, Nepal, Korea, and the United States. Students pursue concentrated work in the areas where the faculty are active in research. Typically students receiving doctorates take academic positions. Masters program graduates go into many different careers or pursue further graduate study.

For more than twenty years the mathematics department has had a special facility known as the Mathematics Learning Success Center (MLSC) which provides help to students in lower division mathematics classes. The MLSC is located in a beautiful, 8000 sq ft facility in the central library on Campus. The center provides free tutoring from instructors in lower-division courses and undergraduate tutors, has a 130 station laboratory with access to the web and media for self guided study. 

The department also holds an annual mathematics contest for high school students. This contest brings a few hundred of the brightest mathematics students to campus for three hours of intense problem solving. The top scorers are offered scholarships to OSU.

Department of Mathematics
401 MSCS
Phone: 744-5688
Fax: 744-8275

Department Contacts

  Name Email Phone
Front Desk 405-744-5688
          Fax                                          405-744-8275
Department Head Dr. William Jaco 405-744-8225
Associate Head Dr. Chris Francisco 405-744-8225
Lower-Division Instruction      
(Oversight of and enrollment in 1000- and 2000-level classes)    
Associate Head Dr. Alan Noell 405-744-5772
Upper-Division Instruction and Graduate    
(Oversight of and enrollment in 3000-level classes and higher)    
Undergraduate Director Dr. Lisa Mantini 405-744-5777
(Oversight of the math major and minor)    
Graduate Director Dr. Birne Binegar 405-744-5793
(Oversight of the Graduate Program)    
Administrative Associate Angela McFarlin 405-744-6459
Assistant to the Department Head Mary Johnston  405-744-8225
Program and MLSC Support Breanna Jansa   405-744-1246