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Introduction to Cryptology

At this site, we will make available some information of general interest to students in Introduction to cryptology. Let's start with the following list:

Information on cryptography

Pixel Flow Story

Story of how a new massively parallel computer can quickly break the encryption commonly used to protect credit card transactions over the Internet.


Story of a fabulous treasure awaiting the breaking of old cryptograms.

Ciphergram Solution Assistant

If you get bored with the Cryptoquote, this will solve it for you.

NSA - National Cryptologic Museum

Interesting place near Fort Meade.

Prime Numbers

The Largest Known Primes

The Prime Page (prime number lists, records, news, definitions...)

EFF Press Release on Bernstein Case Appellate Victory (May 7, 1999)

And the Winning Number is: 2^6972593-1

'German ENIGMA Cipher Machine - History of Solving' Home Page

The Gold Bug

Edgar Allan Poe's famous story.

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