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I am a mathematician on the faculty of Oklahoma State University.

My home page is divided up into the following areas of information:

Current Teaching Schedule
My resume and other personal information
Some facts about my path are given here.
Guide to my published works.
MSRI MathGraphics info: notes and info about lectures
Number Theory and PARI
This a web supplement I created to the textbook Elementary Number Theory and its Applications by Ken Rosen. It contains among other things:
The Indra's Pearls Web Site
Information on a book about kleinian groups which I co-authored and which is now published by Cambridge University Press.
MATH 6490: Indra's Pearls Course Materials
The course ran in the spring of 2004.
Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Fractals
These are the materials I prepared for a course given in the spring of 1996, including a 170-page book processed in latex2html.
Symmetry Web
This is a World Wide Web machine for experimenting with symmetry groups of simple geometric figures.
The Putnam Competition
Here is information for students at Oklahoma State interested in participating in the Putnam Competition, a national undergraduate math contest.
Links to the World Wide Web
This is my own personal collection of useful web links. This is continuously updated and hopelessly out-of-date.
The Oklahoma State University Mathematics Department's Home Page

David Wright
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