Jay Schweig

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Click here to see an art project made by my honors Calculus II class at KU.

Here are three scratch-board prints / charcoals:   one   two   three.

I did the music for this video and this one .

Click here for a cartoon I drew, and here for one made as a linoleum block print.

Click here for a recreation of the Muybridge horse animation using scratch-board printing.

Occasionally I write things for classical guitar. Here's one of my favorites, titled Grand Magic:

In a masterpiece of procrastination, I wrote a suite of classical guitar pieces based on sea creatures. My favorite two were Le Requin (The Shark):

and La Baleine (The Whale):

If you want to play these yourself, here's the sheet music / tablature for them:

Le Requin tab, La Baleine tab.

I also arranged and transcribed Philip Glass's theme from the movie Candyman for guitar:

And here's the tab for that.