Grants and Honors

05/15-09/16 NSA grant H98230-15-1-0229: "Polynomials with Random and Integer Coefficients"
07/11-06/14 AT&T Professor
01/12-01/14 NSA grant H98230-12-1-0227: "Distribution of Algebraic Numbers"
12/08-12/10 NSA grant H98230-09-01-038: "Algebraic Numbers and Equilibrium Measures"
05/06-08/08 Humboldt Research Fellowship (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany)
03/06-03/08 NSA grant H98230-06-1-0055: "Weighted Potentials in Analytic Number Theory"
02/05 Big 12 Faculty Fellowship (Big 12 Universities Conference)
06/04 NSF conference grant DMS-0411729: "Constructive Functions Tech-04: An International Conference" (jointly with D. Lubinsky, J. S. Geronimo, and X. Li)
01/03-01/05 NSA grant MDA904-03-1-0081: "Polynomials with Integer Coefficients"
07/99-07/03 NSF grant DMS-9996410: "Polynomials in Analysis and Analytic Number Theory"
05/00 Ralph E. Powe Award (Oak Ridge Associated Universities)
06/98-08/00 NSF supplemental grant DMS-9842408: "Potential theory and quasiconformal mappings in zero distribution and weighted approximation" (jointly with V. V. Andrievskii and R. S. Varga)
08/97-07/01 NSF grant DMS-9707359: "Weighted approximation in the complex plane and iterative methods, via potential theory and function theory" (jointly with R. S. Varga)
07/01-06/02 Dean's Incentive Grant: "Spherical convergence of Fourier integrals"
07/00-06/01 Dean's Incentive Grant: "Polynomial inequalities"
10/99-06/01 Kerr grant: "Integer Chebyshev polynomials"
08/93-05/94 Fellowship in Mathematics at USF
06/90 Diploma with Honors at DSU
04/90 First Diploma at XXVIII Research Student Conference of the USSR
04/89 First Diploma at XXVII Research Student Conference of the USSR