Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
TORCH (Teacher Outreach) Program

Oklahoma State University

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The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has funded one institute in Oklahoma for secondary and middle school mathematics teachers each summer since 1990. The Woodrow Wilson Foundation has developed a nationally respected professional development model program consisting of a series of Summer Institutes in the various academic disciplines with follow-up meetings during the academic year. A unique feature of this program is that it utilizes a "teachers teaching teachers" delivery model; a team of four master teachers trained by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in Princeton, NJ is responsible for the majority of the daily instruction. A description of this teacher outreach model is reported in the 1994 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Yearbook "Professional Development for Teachers of Mathematics."

Coordinated by the OSU Department of Mathematics, some of the best mathematics teachers in the state have participated in Woodrow Wilson Summer Institutes on such topics as: Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Functions, Middle School Mathematics, and Algebra. Each institute is summarized below.

1997 TORCH Summer Institute

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