The TI-85
Teacher Learning System

Department of Mathematics
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The TI-85 Teacher Learning System (TI-85 TLS)
The Teacher Learning System for the TI-85 graphing calculator (TI-85 TLS) has been developed to assist the secondary mathematics teacher with learning about this technology as well as designing and managing instruction using it appropriately in the delivery of the secondary mathematics curriculum. This may seem like a monumental task at this point! We hope teachers will find this is not the case and will approach this new challenge confidently and enthusiastically.

The components of the TI-85 TLS are:
Numerous papers have been written documenting the advantages of using graphing calculators to teach and learn mathematics. Many of these papers have even described specific methods for integrating graphing calculators into the secondary mathematics curriculum. Two different positions seem to be common among practicing mathematics teachers. Some regard integrating graphing calculators into the mathematics curriculum as a sort of panacea for teaching mathematics in the next century. In an idealistic way, they believe students will be able to easily learn the procedural manipulations of the graphing calculator when they are introduced (after all, graphing calculators are "user-friendly!?"). And, students will be enthusiastically looking forward to their next opportunity to use them!

Other teachers maintain a more cautious posture. To them, perhaps a more realistic scenario would be the following. Because calculators are so powerful and offer so many options, it is likely that many students will push the wrong key at the wrong time thereby finding themselves locked into a mode from which they have no earthly idea how to recover. Since the teacher may not know how the students entered these modes, he or she may not be immediately able to return them to the proper format to continue the lesson. By the end of the class, most students will have their hands in the air begging for help! The class has the potential to end in disaster where students and teacher alike are frustrated and convinced that the graphing calculator is more trouble than it is worth! There is also the very real question of whether students are learning mathematics or learning a sequence of procedural steps required to obtain an answer.

Using the Teacher Learning System
The TI-85 TLS has been developed to help you learn about the TI-85 graphing calculator using written materials, programs, and a video supplement.

The initial portion of the video supplement sets the stage for learning how to use the TI-85. It assumes you know nothing about the TI-85 and introduces you to its organizational setup. If you are not familiar with the TI-85, we suggest you view this segment without your calculator; then, watch it again with your calculator in hand. Knowing how the TI-85 is organized will prove essential to your continued learning.

The initial chapter of the written materials builds upon the video by introducing you to some of the fundamental programs. A brief explanation of each program is given together with some examples. You should work through each of the programs in this chapter using your calculator. As you continue, you will undoubtedly feel more confident in your own abilities and begin to understand the simplicity (or "friendliness") of this powerful learning tool.

The second portion of the video supplement introduces and explains how to use some of the host of algebra and statistics, trigonometry, and calculus programs that have been written explicitly for your classroom use. The companion chapters in the written materials are arranged according to algebra and statistics, trigonometry, and calculus. The introduction to each of these chapters describes the programs and functions included in it. A concise explanation for each program or function shows how to execute it and is followed by examples and exercises; try them! Because the programs and functions relate directly to the topics in the secondary mathematics curriculum, integration of the TI-82 should be relatively simple. A brief introduction to programming the TI-82 is also included in this portion of the video supplement.

The final portion of the video supplement discusses various aspects of designing and managing instruction that integrates the TI-82 and includes suggestions for gaining school and district acceptance and support.

The final chapter of the written materials includes the statements of the programs developed. This is a valuable resource for teachers desiring to do their own programming, i.e., extending existing programs or developing new programs.

Written Materials and Programs/Functions for the TI-85 Graphing Calculator
The content of the TI-85 TLS written materials is listed below. Clicking on the desired topic will work. The page references for the topics in the TI-85 TLS book are also given in parenthesis, e.g., (G-4), if you have access to this source.

General Information Algebra Programs and Functions Trigonometry Programs and Functions Calculus Programs and Functions Listings of Programs (P-1)

Credits. The Graphing Calculator: Teachers and Students Learning Together is made possible through funding to Oklahoma State University from the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education under grant number R203A40026 with assistance from the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory.

Disclaimer. The project materials are based on work sponsored wholly, or in part, by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education under grant number R203A40026. The content of these materials do not necessarily reflect the view of OERI, the Department, or any other agency of the U.S. Government.

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