College Algebra

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MATH 1513C

Department of Mathematics --------------------- Independent & Correspondence Study
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

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Welcome to the College Algebra (graphing calculator) Home Page!

The material below has been developed specifically for students enrolled in the Independent & Correspondence Study version of College Algebra (graphing calculator) to assess their understanding of the topics presented in the Course Guide for MATH 1513C. This assessment is provided through a series of 15 Learning Assessment Measures (LAMs).

The LAM format and presentation is matched to the 15 Writing Assignments given in the Course Guide. Each LAM is designed to enable you to ascertain your readiness to begin the Writing Assignment for that lesson. Reference numbers listed by each problem help you identify the texbook reference that contains similar material.

How should you use the LAMs? Click on the LAM pertaining to the lesson you are working on. Work each problem completely and write out a detailed solution. Remember to include all procedural steps for problems where you used a calculator. ONLY after you have worked each problem, consult the detailed solutions by clicking on the corresponding LAM Detailed Solution.

Learning Assessment Measures (LAM)

LAM Detailed Solutions

Great care has been taken to present these solutions in a form that you should follow in completing your homework. If you follow the format given, your chances of doing well on your homework are greatly enhanced! Good Luck!

Finally, by establishing this link, I hope to encourage you to communicate directly with me with your questions. To send me a question or make a comment, simply click on my e-mail address

Your success in College Algebra is my primary concern!

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