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10/12/2018 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Colloquium - Speaker: Dr. Tim Sheng
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Colloquium - Speaker: Dr. Kiumars Kaveh

2013 High School Math Contest

The eighth of the new series of contests was held on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at the Wes Watkins Center on the Stillwater campus of OSU.  Approximately 315 students participated from the following schools in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Alabama: Adair, Anadarko, Calera, Calvin, Canute, Coweta, Cimarron, Collinsville, Dove Science, Enid, Eufaula, Fort Towson, Foyil, Graham, Haileyville, Hobart, Maize, Noble, Norman, Oakridge, OSSM - Muskogee, OSSM - Oklahoma City, OSSM - Tahlequah/Stilwell, Seminole, St. Mark's, Turner, Union, Vanoss, Vestavia Hills, and Westmoore.

The contest is held annually in the fall. The contest is in two parts. The first part is approximately 25 multiple choice questions. The second part is a team round containing about five more difficult problems involving ideas about geometry, counting, etc.  Students worked these problems in groups of four and submitted jointly written solutions.

Next year's contest will be held on October 7.

Results of the 2013 Contest: Click here

The 2013 Contest:  Individual Round  Team Round

Solutions to the 2013 Contest:  Individual Round  Team Round



Contest Information:

Where: Wes Watkins Center (WWC -- formerly CITD) at OSU Stillwater Campus
When to Enroll: No later than September 27, 2013.
When to take the Contest: 1:00pm –– 4:30pm on October 8, 2013
Letter to Math coordinators: Cover Letter, Information Page
Registration form: Form (.pdf)
Parking information: Permits and Locations (.pdf) If you do not receive a parking permit in advance, come to the Wes Watkins center when you arrive for the contest to obtain one.


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Other information:

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