Spring 2019


For prerequisites and placement in 1000- and 2000-level courses:

          Dr. Anthony Kable, Associate Head

          Office: MSCS 401

          Phone: 744-8225

          Email: akable@math.okstate.edu

          Office Hours: Call (744-8225) or email to make an appointment.


For new undergraduate math majors and minors:

Britney Mann, Math Advisor

Office: MSCS 403

Phone: 744-6540

Email: britney.mann@okstate.edu

Drop-in Office Hours: By Appointment Only; star.okstate.edu or call 405-744-5688 for non-assigned students.


For new Honors math majors, questions on the math major or minor, and placement in upper division courses:

Dr. Lisa Mantini, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Office: MSCS 410

Phone: 744-5777

Email: lisa.mantini@okstate.edu

Drop-in Office Hours: Email for an appointment.  Existing advisees may make an appointment on Star. Dr. Mantini accepts new advisees who are not in the Honors College by request only.


For information regarding OSU’s MS and PhD programs in Mathematics:

Dr. Edward Richmond, Director of Graduate Studies

Office: MSCS 427

Phone: 744-5791

Email: edward.richmond@okstate.edu

Drop-in Office Hours: Email for an appointment