Professional information

Research Interests
B.S., University of Pittsburgh, A.M./Ph.D. Harvard University, 1983. Dr. Mantini's research interests include groups, their actions as symmetries (of a shape in space, of the state space for a vibrating molecule or for the solutions to Maxwell's equations), and the matrix representations of these actions.  Lately she has become an origami enthusiast and is studying symmetric colorations of regular polyhedra and the corresponding representations of their symmetry groups.  Dr. Mantini's interests in mathematics education include the teaching and learning of collegiate mathematics, from studying what professors actually do in the college math classroom, to how we assess student work, to how students learn to read and write proofs. Lately her work has focused on the role of collaborative learning in the teaching of calculus.
Research Areas
Group theory and symmetry, mathematics education.
Full Professor
MS 410